About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery

An inspirational book for chemotherapy patients
by Marcia Reid Marsted

About the Author

Author and artist Marcia Reid Marsted has exhibited her photography throughout the Northeast for nearly 10 years. Her evocative images, samples of which may be viewed in her online portfolio, utilize a variety of photographic techniques, films and development processes to capture natural scenes in unique ways. Her photographs are included in a number of private and public art collections.

In mid-November, 1998, in the midst of preparing for an exhibition of her work, Marcia, who had already survived a battle with rectal cancer a decade earlier, was diagnosed with uterine (endometrial) cancer. Facing "heavy-duty chemotherapy," she turned her camera's lens on herself, documenting the loss and gradual regrowth of her hair. The result was the publication in 2002 of her first book, "About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery," which has inspired cancer patients facing chemotherapy treatment and their families and supporters with its empathetic and insightful text and remarkable self-portraits.

Marcia says, "From the response to the book as I was writing it and to the Web site, I see that together they can help people realize that cancer, chemotherapy and the hair loss that often occurs with it don't have to be devastating experiences. Reading my book can provide reassurance and insight for the patient and her family."

Marcia Reid Marsted resides in New York City and Canton, Connecticut. To learn more about her book or her photography, contact Marcia via email (mrmphoto@yahoo.com) or phone: 860.693.2347/212.222.4493.

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