About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery

An inspirational book for chemotherapy patients
by Marcia Reid Marsted


Marcia Reid Marsted's "About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery," has inspired a number of positive reviews and articles.

In the Hartford Courant, columnist Gina Barreca wrote:

"From out of the shadowy wells of courage, many surprises can emerge: understanding, patience, empathy, compassion, awareness, spirituality, humor, connection, love, intimacy--and art. Marcia's work is a mosaic of all these elements. She embraces the most personal moments, telling us about her responses to her experiences with diagnosis, doctors, the very idea of cancer, survival, and the triumph of the everyday. Through her use of photography and her spare but dynamic sentences, Marcia shapes her individual experience into a detailed and beautifully honest one; she forges her world into a work of art."

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In the Hartford Courant, Java columnist Pat Seremet wrote:

"At a time when most women don't even want to look in a mirror, Marcia Reid Marsted of Canton took pictures of herself. Again and again. Through chemotherapy. The pictures are about the hair. The writing is about the hair. But the book is about so much more than hair. "

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In the Hartford Advocate, writer Patricia Rosoff said:

"Just the title of her book tells volumes about Marcia Reid Marsted: About My Hair ... Nothing could be more direct, more dryly bemused, more connected to her point--that life is best lived one day at a time. What is surprising about the book is the way in which it brings together a scientist's attentive observation and an artist's expressive poetry."

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University of Hartford professor Doug Dix, Ph.D., in a review for Amazon.com, wrote:

"Marcia says her book is about her hair, and, in a small way, she is right. She had hair and then lost it to chemotherapy. But the chemo killed her cancer and, in time, she got her hair back. This book documents that loss and recovery. But Marcia is overly modest. This book is not about her hair, but her spirit. Marcia is a champion at coping and her book offers instruction and inspiration to all who face foes or worry that they might have to in the future."

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